Protecting Maine’s Energy Choice

We are excited to announce elected officials from across the state have committed to the Energy Choice Pledge and stand with Mainers to protect their right to choose the energy source that best suits their home, business and vehicle needs.

Candidates Who Have Taken the Energy Choice Pledge

Energy Choice Pledge
Candidates who have taken the pledge:
  • Paul Flynn
  • Katrina Smith
  • Susan Abercrombie
  • Marcus Emerson
  • Joseph Martin
  • Michael Lawler
  • Steven Foster
  • Sherman Hutchins
  • Mathew McIntyre
  • Melanie Tompkins
  • Joseph Underwood
  • Gary Drinkwater
  • Richard Bradstreet
  • Freedom. Choice. Independence. These are deeply ingrained values for Mainers from Kittery to Fort Kent and everywhere in between. You know what’s best for you. You know what’s best for your family. And you deserve the freedom to make those decisions.

    Maine citizens: Take the Pledge!

    We believe that same freedom to choose should extend to your energy choices and how you decide to keep your Maine home or business safe and comfortable. That’s why we’re proud to play a part in working to protect your freedom to choose what energy source or sources are best for you.

    Legislators: Download and Sign the Pledge

    You can download the appropriate pledge below:

    As of today, many candidates for Maine office have committed to the Maine Energy Choice Pledge:

    I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts that restrict the ability of Maine citizens to choose the source of energy for their homes, businesses and vehicles.

    We are proud to announce that the following trade associations are standing with our elected officials and candidates for office in protecting Mainers’ right to choose how best to heat their homes and travel around our great state:

    Make your voice heard – Support the Energy Choice Pledge!

    It’s important to communicate to your legislators and candidates for office that you support the freedom to choose how you heat and cool your home. You’ll be doing your part to keep Maine energy neutral and prepared to meet our most pressing energy and economic challenges.

    YES! I support the Energy Choice Pledge and believe that Mainers should always be able to choose how best to heat and cool their Maine homes and places of business.
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